jamie mosser for Kane County State's Attorney

Doing More for Kane County

Important Issues


Kane County has changed significantly in the last two decades.  Yet our criminal justice system in Kane County has not changed with it.  Jamie Mosser plans to bring real Criminal Justice reform through the State's Attorney's Office to make our community safer.  

Finding the Source of the Criminal Behavior

Research has shown that there is a strong connection between drug use and criminal behavior.  By focusing on treating the addiction instead of criminalizing the person, we have a greater likelihood of stopping the criminal behavior.  Jamie Mosser plans to implement a program where offenders with addiction issues are diverted into treatment programs instead of jail.   There needs to be an experienced prosecutor who is willing to look at drug issues like the opioid crisis and make real change.  


Research has also shown that a significant amount of individuals with mental health issues end up in the criminal justice system.  Again, by identifying these individuals and diverting them into treatment, we are treating the person and not criminalizing the illness.  


Rehabilitative Courts and Diversion Programs

Kane County currently has three rehabilitative courts per statute:  Drug Rehabilitative Court, Mental Health Court, and Veteran's Court.  The purpose of these courts is to focus on the root of criminal behavior being related to addiction issues, mental health issues, and issues from having served in our military.  Jamie Mosser plans to work with the court system to strengthen these programs including making more offers of rehabilitative court to eligible defendants.  Mosser will provide training for the prosecutors in the office about the benefits of these programs.  

Kane County also has several Diversion Programs.  The purpose of the programs is to provide treatment and rehabilitation without a conviction resulting.  Jamie Mosser will strengthen these programs, continue to make them a priority in offers to defendants, and look to new programs to keep people working.   

Domestic Violence

1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will suffer from intimate partner violence.  1 in 15 children will be exposed to the violence.  Domestic Violence is learned behavior.  Survivors of Domestic Violence need to be treated with respect and kindness.  Offenders need to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.  While at the Kane County State's Attorney's Office, Jamie Mosser created the Domestic Violence Diversion Program which has shown great success in rehabilitating offenders and giving survivors a voice.  Mosser plans to continue with this approach to treatment first to protect the survivors and their families.



Jamie Mosser plans to apply for grants that will allow prosecutors to receive much needed training within the office and to bring training outside of the office to our law enforcement.  The laws in Illinois change frequently.  The prosecutors in Kane County need to be  provided with the most up to date training to best serve the community. 

Community Involvement and Transparency in Government

Community Prosecutors will be implemented at the State's Attorney's Office.  Jamie Mosser believes that the best way to be responsive to community issues is to assign a prosecutor from within each community to attend community meetings, provide updates on legal issues , and to be transparent on cases and matters within the State's Attorney's Office.